The work package structure in CAMEO focuses on preparation for novel satellite data, improvements of the data assimilation and inversion capabilities of the CAMS production system, and the provision of uncertainty information of CAMS products. CAMEO is split into seven work packages, three of which will prepare for the uptake of new satellite data and enhance the data assimilation capacity of the regional and global CAMS production systems, three WPs that work towards improving the usefulness and quality of selected global and regional CAMS products by developing methods to estimate their uncertainties and provide quality assurance information, and one WP for coordination. 

All WPs will operate closely aligned to the current CAMS service, and existing connections between the consortium partners will support the inter-WP collaboration in CAMEO. The main connections between the CAMEO WPs are shown in the Figure below. The uncertainty information for biogenic and anthropogenic emissions gained in WP5 will be input to WP2 (inversion of biogenic emissions) and WP6 (impact of anthropogenic emission uncertainty on policy products). WP4 and WP6 will explore the uncertainty of CAMS deposition products from different perspectives (evaluation with observations and ensemble modelling of uncertainty) and prepare a joint deliverable. The expertise gained on the assimilation of Sentinel 4 data will be shared between the WPs on global (WP1 and WP2) and regional (WP3) data assimilation. In particular, WP2 will provide the data thinning software for the other two WPs. The efforts in WP1 to optimise aerosol retrievals and the development of observation operators for different aerosol parameters can be applied in the regional aerosol assimilation aspects of WP3. Improvements from WPs 1-3 will feed into the quality of the uncertainty information provided in WPs 4-6. Finally, there will be a close link between the global aerosol and chemistry data assimilation aspects in WP1 and WP2 because the work is carried out for the global CAMS production system at ECMWF. WP7 will coordinate the work of all WPs.

Figure shows Work package structure, links between WPs, and expected outputs.