To maintain the required close link between CAMS and CAMEO, key organisations in CAMS are also part of the CAMEO consortium: CAMEO is coordinated by ECMWF, an International European Research Organisation. ECMWF is the entrusted entity to implement CAMS on behalf of the EU and it operates and develops the CAMS global production system.Consortium Furthermore, institutes operating and developing the CAMS regional models as well as groups with key roles in the CAMS service contracts on emissions, global model developments and solar energy products are key partners in the CAMEO consortium. However, while CAMS is an open community promoting new ideas and innovation, the CAMEO consortium has been specifically selected to include important players of the European research community outside CAMS to enhance and contribute to the long-term CAMS developments. These partners come from the areas of satellite retrievals and chemical modelling, as well as users of solar energy products to strengthen interaction between CAMS and the scientific and user communities.


Partners from 12 European Countries are part of the CAMEO proposal. All 11 providers of the regional CAMS system, representing 10 different countries, are partners in the project to ensure that CAMEO developments are targeted to the requirements of CAMS. These partners represent the air quality modelling and data assimilation community in Europe. Partners with leading roles in the CAMS service contracts for emissions (BSC), solar energy (DLR) and policy support (MET Norway) are responsible for leading the respective WPs to develop methods for the estimation of uncertainty in CAMEO.