CAMEO will help to advance the CAMS service and products with innovative ideas, methodologies and data to enable CAMS to improve the service and improve the response to user needs.


Although CAMS is an established and successful operational service, there remain many challenges for the CAMS production systems to enhance quality and service efficiency, some of which will be tackled in CAMEO. These challenges, which correspond to CAMS user requirements and current research priorities recognized by the scientific community, are:

(i) a more accurate representation of the emissions and surface fluxes from anthropogenic and natural sources, vegetation and vegetation fires,

(ii) more advanced simulations of processes such as transport, vertical mixing, photolysis, chemical conversions and loss processes by deposition,

(iii) an improved impact of assimilated satellite and in-situ observations on CAMS products and

(iv) the readiness to fully exploit the potential of earth observations from upcoming European satellite missions.


The key objectives of CAMEO are advances in preparation for exploitation of new space observations, data assimilation and inversion techniques for the global and regional CAMS production systems and providing uncertainty information for CAMS products.