The CAMEO project held its virtual kick-off meeting 26 -27 January 2023 which brought together for the first time all project participants to discuss the work of this new project. During the meeting we heard updates from our Project Officer in Brussels about how the work of CORSO fits in to the wider ambitions of HADEA as well as a key note speech from the director of CAMS. Though it was a virtual event, there was a good energy to be starting the ambitious work of CAMEO. The plenary sessions were concentrated in the morning of each day with afternoon session an opportunity to hold more detailed individual workpackage discussions. 


26th of January 2023

9.30-10.00:Welcome and Introduction to CAMEO - Johannes Flemming (ECMWF)
10.00-10.20:Horizon Europe context & implementation guidelines - Lukas Lanneau (HaDEA)
10.20-10.30:Welcome from CAMS - Vincent-Henri Peuch (ECMWF)
10.30-10.45:Break (incl. group "photo")
10.45-11.15:Overview WP 1 - Oleg Dubovik (Uni Lille) & Angela Benedetti (ECMWF)
11.15-11.45:Overview WP 2 - Antje Inness (ECMWF), Vincent Huijnen (KNMI) & Henk Eskes (KNMI)
11.45-12.15:Overview WP 3 - Augustin Colette (INERIS) & Vincent Guidard (MF)
12.15-12.45:Wrap up day 1


27th of January 2023:

9.30-10.00:Overview WP 4 - Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt (DLR)
10.00-10.30:Overview WP 5 - Marc Guevara (BSC)
10.45-11.15:Overview WP 6 - Hilde Fagerli (
11.15-11.30:Project Management - Tanya Warnaars (ECMWF)
11.30-12.15:Cross-cuts in CAMEO – discussion
12.15-12.45:Wrap up and closure of KO meeting
CAMEO kicks off