Members of the CAMEO team took the opportunity to have face to face meetings in Valencia in advance of the CAMs General Assembly. 7th CAMS General Assembly | Copernicus | Copernicus


The morning session took place on 13th June and provided the opportunity to have detailed discussions with the CAMEO team members that are also attending the CAMS GA.  


Amongst other discussions and updates, Marc Guevara (BSC) organised a 1-hour slot devoted to emissions; where there was an overview of the work being performed in CAMEO and discussions on emission uncertainty and of the expected final products. 



Marc Guevara's presentation on emissions


It was also an opportunity to meet in-person for the first time.


 Members of WP2 using the opportunity of attending the CAMS GA for face-to-face discussions


Antje Inness organised a breakout time for WP2, where members of WP2 attending the CAMS GA discussed plans for the HCHO work.   


Antje will also give a CAMEO project update presentation on Thursday 15th June in the CAMS 9-10:30 Atmospheric Composition session. 




Photos courtesy of Antje Inness and Johannes Flemming 

CAMEO at 7th Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) General Assembly, Valencia 13-15th June 2023